Security Control Rooms

Security Control Rooms

Benefits Of Upgrading To SIP In Your Control Room

Current PSTN Example
Using CloudoIP SIP Solution

NBN is forcing Disconnection of PSTN Lines. What options are available to you:

Continued Commitment To Service Level Guarantees

The SIP Service enables CloudoIP to continue to maintain the high Service Level Guarantees for data access that you expect by using our own infrastructure to deliver a high quality voice service.

Upgrade Path

SIP allows you to utilise CloudoIP leading Voice Switching architecture. Once you are ready to switch to SIP, then we simply remove the IAD (Integrated Access Device) from the equation, and you are left with a SIP trunk. All numbers and settings associated to the service remain in place, and no further network rework is required.

Enhanced DR Availability

With unprecedented levels of resilience and redundancy at every point in the system, the new solution will provide enhanced application performance and availability. You can log into our portal, and make real time changes to your trunk. Features such as Call Forwarding and Overflow, can be set with a few simple clicks, all of which are instant changes to your Sip ready ISDN service.

Detailed Reporting

Our Portal can also offer customers a more detailed view of the voice networks performance and statistics. It will provide you with Call Detail records, and call quality ratings (MOS Scores) for every call that is placed.  Trunk utilisation records are also provided to ensure you have the highest level of visibility for your service.

National Number Hosting

Once you decide to remove the PSTN interface and move to SIP, our SIP Trunking product offers you the ability to obtain numbers nationally through the SIP Trunk to your location. This will allow you to centralise your PABX infrastructure.

Cloud Failover Options Available

Our Solution works with providers Cloud based receiver failovers. This ensures full compatibility to ensure you never miss your clients events.

Not when migrating from PSTN to SIP via our IAD. SIP with and IAD provides you with an interface that will allow you to continue to use your existing FE recievers over the PSTN Lines and realise the benefits of the latest technologies offered in Australia.

No, Cloudoip will organise an experienced integrator who understands how the SIP & IAD technology will best work with your current recievers to perform the migration.

Typically we would allocate a 4 hour window for support, but the actual downtime is non existant. We can provide new numbers, and you simply repoint your 13/1345 numbers to newly allocated or Ported in PSTN numbers.

We have assigned a dedicated project management team to manage this process end to end. Each Transitions Manager will work closely with you and engineers to ensure this is a seamless process.

Cloudoip will perform in depth testing of the SIP & IAD device prior to cut over to ensure connectivity. Once the device has been installed and your services migrated, a detailed test plan will be followed to ensure all functions and features are working and there is no interruption to your business.

Move to full SIP once this is complete will be simple. We just need to remove the IAD, and plug the connection directly into your IPPABX or SIP reciever.

Your dedicated Cloudoip Transition Manager will be in contact with you shortly to discuss a transition plan, timelines and additional information required to successfully migrate you to this new technology.

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