Duress and Emergency Lift Phones

Duress and Emergency Lift Phones

Benefits Of Upgrading To Cellular Duress And Emergency Lift Phones

NBN LIFT Solution

Residential And Commerical Buildings

Designed to match the PSTN specifications with up to 2km line feed capability

Cellular AnyNet Carrier

Compatible with all wireless mobile networks Australia-wide, and globally.

Easy Installation

Installation can be migrated without any interruption to your existing services

NBN Ready Replacement

Suitable for FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, HCF and a VoIP gateway connection with an FXO port

Remote Monitoring And Battery Backup

Battery back-up supply, up to 4 hours talk time.
Automatic fault notifications and remote management via SMS & online web service.

Australian Built Standards

Durable, self-contained wall cabinet designed for industrial applications.
Self testing & reporting in accordance to EN: 81-28

  • The nbn™ (National Broadband Network) is replacing the vast majority of existing fixed phone and internet networks throughout Australia. This migration will affect buildings with lift services as the emergency phone technology will not operate during an nbn™ outage, either caused by a power failure or a network issue.

    The lift telephone line is an essential feature of your lift’s safety system, enabling passengers to call for help in the event of an emergency. If your lift phone is not operational 24/7, your building will not meet the Australian Standard for lift telephones & you may be in breach of Workplace Health and Safety legislation.


  • User Friendly SMS Programming Makes Changing Settings Easy. We also offer Full installation to ensure best practices and compliance.


The System Will Alert us Of Power Status, Battery Status & Alarm Calls Made Via SMS.

We offer a remote monitoring service which allows us to view the device performance and metrics allowing to to be fully proactive on the service. This includes device uptime, Carrier Uptime, Conenction information, and Geographic Location Reporting.

The AnyNet sim allows you to connect to any available mobile operator that offer signal to the device location. No more worries about if Telstra has coverage. With the Anynet, you can go anywhere.

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