Simple IVR

Simple IVR

Simple IVR for Business Hours

ACME Pty Ltd operates its business hours from 8:30am to 5:30Pm Monday to Friday.

They do not have a Reception, but they have multiple departments in their organisation.

When customers call, they would like the customer to be given the option to speak to these various departments ( i.e. Sales, Support, Accounts, Dispatch)..

When they are not in operating business hours, they would like their customers to leave a voicemail.

In order to achieve this, the main company number is configured with the Auto Attendant Feature.

Then Select IVR and configure the IVR account

Then Select IVR and configure the IVR account.

In this screen the configuration images are dragged and dropped into the appropriate locations.


First we will setup the time Filters for the Business Hours

Then click the edit button to define the hours of operation

You now edit the Introduction Menu Recording


Then we setup the Selection Menu Options

Then we define the options for each Menu

Once all your selection Menus are finished, you need to define what happens outside the defined Business Hours. In this case we want the calls to goto a group Voicemail



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