SMS Portal User Guide

SMS Portal User Guide

SMS marketing is fast becoming a quick and effective means to communicate with customers, either 1 on 1, or mass communications.


Key Fields need to be understood by the user in order to simplify the understanding.


SMS Gateway – This field should not normally be edited by the user unless instructed to do so by CloudOip. This field represents how we send the SMS out, and is dictated by the account administrator.


Message Type – This field should not normally be edited by the user unless instructed to do so by CloudOip. The default is Plain.


Sender ID: Sender ID means that you can choose who, or where you want the SMS message to come from. The SMS message will not come from a number, but from, for example, your company name, Your Name Etc.


Country Code – The Dialling Prefix associated to the destination SMS recipient


Recipient – The end destination number of the SMS you are sending to. Normally, this is without the Country Code.


Merged Fields – This field allows you to insert specific fields unique to each SMS sent. i.e. If you are sending to a group Contact List, you may wish to use their first name for the personalised message to them. The <%First Name%> field will pull the required information from the Contact list recipient.


Message – The contents of the SMS that is being sent. A single SMS is 160 characters long. Multiple SMSs (otherwise known as multi-part SMS), are multiples of 143 characters. i.e. 160 characters =1 SMS. 161 characters =2 SMS. 287 characters = 3 SMS.


To access the SMS portal, please login to


Sender ID request: To request a SenderID approval for your account, navigate to Sender ID Management -> Request New Sender ID.

Send SMS

To Send Quick SMS : To send a single quick SMS, navigate to Send SMS -> Send Quick SMS


Send Bulk SMS : To send SMS by Contact Group navigate to Send SMS -> Send Bulk SMS

2 Way Chat : To review incoming message replies to your account, click on 2 Way Chat SMS. From here you can review messages that are sent back to you. If there is a new message awaiting to be read, and icon will appear next the senders name or number

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