Grandstream Regional Settings

Grandstream Regional Settings

The analogue ATAs are designed to provide a PSTN interface handoff to plug into your PABX or Analogue FAX or Receiver.

They are configured with the Australian Ring Tones as per the below;


Tone Settings Value
System ring cadence c=400/200-400/2000;
Dial tone f1=400@-19,f2=425@-19,c=0/1000;
Ringback Tone f1=425@-13,f2=450@-13,c=400/200- 400/2000;
Busy tone f1=425@-7,f2=0@-10,c=375/375;
Reorder tone f1=425@-19,f2=425@-29,c=375/375-375/375;
Confirmation tone f1=350@-11,f2=440@-11,c=100/100-100/100-100/100;
Call-waiting Tone f1=440@-13,c=300/10000-300/10000-0/0;

The Caller-ID should be ETSI-DTMF  or TelcoreorBelecordia ( the later works with PABX’s)

The SLIC Settings should be Australia/New Zealand

The Ring Frequency should be 25Hz


The Jitter buffer should be fixed

Jitter buffer length set to high


Disable line echo canceler should be set to yes

Disable network echo suppressor should be set to yes


Fax mode needs to be Pass-through. T.38 will not work


The 3 call waiting options (disable call waiting, disable call waiting caller ID, and disable call waiting tone) should be set to yes



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