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Hunt Group Login and Logout

Hunt group members can stop receiving hunt group calls by logging out of a hunt group. To resume receiving the calls, they log in back to the hunt group. Let’s say John, a support agent, receives calls sent to the “First line support” hunt group. John needs to write an email to a client. While […]

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Call Parking

Call Parking with Designated Parking Locations Susan answers a call from Joe. Joe asks to speak to someone in the warehouse. Susan need to see if anyone in the warehouse is available, so she needs to Park Joe Susan then calls the warehouse group and Tom Answers. Susan informs Tom than Joe is on Park. […]

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CloudSoft Phone User Guide

Making Calls To place a call, select the Dialpad icon from the menu bar, enter the phone number you wish to dial, then press the Dial icon. Mute and Hold You can mute your microphone while in a call, by pressing the Mute button. To unmute, press the button again. To place a call on hold, press the Hold button. To resume the […]

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