Category: Grandstream ATA

Grandstream Regional Settings

The analogue ATAs are designed to provide a PSTN interface handoff to plug into your PABX or Analogue FAX or Receiver. They are configured with the Australian Ring Tones as per the below;   Tone Settings Value System ring cadence c=400/200-400/2000; Dial tone f1=400@-19,f2=425@-19,c=0/1000; Ringback Tone f1=425@-13,f2=450@-13,c=400/200- 400/2000; Busy tone f1=425@-7,f2=0@-10,c=375/375; Reorder tone f1=425@-19,f2=425@-29,c=375/375-375/375; Confirmation […]

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