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Call Parking

Call Parking with Designated Parking Locations Susan answers a call from Joe. Joe asks to speak to someone in the warehouse. Susan need to see if anyone in the warehouse is available, so she needs to Park Joe Susan then calls the warehouse group and Tom Answers. Susan informs Tom than Joe is on Park. […]

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Pairing a Yealink W52P Handset with Base Station

You can pair a Yealink W52P DECT handset with a base station by following the LCD screen prompts. Learn how to pair the handset here. Objective Pairing a Yealink W52P handset with base station. Applies To Yealink W52P DECT HandSet Procedure 1. When the handset LCD screen prompts “Press base paging 2s then press Reg.”, long press the Wireless button  on […]

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Grandstream Regional Settings

The analogue ATAs are designed to provide a PSTN interface handoff to plug into your PABX or Analogue FAX or Receiver. They are configured with the Australian Ring Tones as per the below;   Tone Settings Value System ring cadence c=400/200-400/2000; Dial tone f1=400@-19,f2=425@-19,c=0/1000; Ringback Tone f1=425@-13,f2=450@-13,c=400/200- 400/2000; Busy tone f1=425@-7,f2=0@-10,c=375/375; Reorder tone f1=425@-19,f2=425@-29,c=375/375-375/375; Confirmation […]

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