A-Z Termination

A-Z Termination

Wholesale VoIP Termination

A unique portfolio of CLI-enabled direct routes.

Carriers are already pre-connected. Same premium-quality direct VoIP termination without all the paperwork and painful audit process. Benefit from our Exchange ecosystem — where CLECs, independent operators and international carriers trade origination and termination capacity.

Direct CLI Routes

• Use our Exchange community to link directly to the target network.
• The custom VoIP termination solution you need, ready to go live.
• Exactly the same as interconnecting with Big Name Multinationals
• Your project can’t wait – pay today, provision today.
• We will provide a fully functional test trunk to send traffic.
• PoPs in Australia, South Africa, Singapore, USA, Canada and Europe.

Service Differentials

We own the hardware and the infrastructure. Not only do we terminate directly to PTTs and incumbents, we also take responsibility for the IP part of the connection by only using Tier 1 IP transit and major Internet Exchange transport. Our network hubs are in multiple locations and each hub is linked to a group of local carriers via in-country gateways. With our Termination, you will have access to multiple local telcos.

Carrier Voice Services

For Your BusinessQuickly provision multiple channels of capacity for your outbound sales call center, SIP-compatible voice application or automated announcement platform. We are the underlying SIP trunking provider for many social apps, automated surveys, medical billing providers, NGOs, non-profits and universities.

Quick Connect

Your account comes with instant VoIP termination service. Easily connect existing FreePBX, Elastix, 3CX, Freeswitch or any other SIP based IPPBX or enterprise SBC. We will provide initial product guidance and fully functional trial so that you can test voice quality before switching your calls.

SIP Interconnect

We offer SIP interconnect over the public Internet, or a dedicated private Ethernet link to our switches in any of the available datacenters. We have Multiple Transit providers for Internet, to allow multiple ways to get into our network.

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